Ambien Outrage

Ambien Outrage

Ambien Outrage is a website designed to make the public aware of the dangers of Ambien, Ambien CR and Zolpidem.  It is also a worldwide database of some of the victims of Ambien, Ambien CR and Zolpidem. 

My name is Devin.  I'm not a lawyer, although, if needed, I can provide knowledge and documentation on the following:  The effects of Ambien, Sanofi-Aventis (the makers of Ambien), and what the F.D.A. has done so far about the side effects of Ambien.  

If you, or someone you know, have been a victim of sleep-driving, sleep-walking (somnambulism), sleep-eating, or any other abnormal behaviors due to the use of Ambien, please contact me  I do not make a profit from this website, in fact I pay each year for the hosting.  I want to help others because I too, am a victim of Ambien/Sanofi-Aventis/the F.D.A./the Justice System.

Any inquiries can stay anonymous.  

It's one's choice to take Ambien or not, but I believe in INFORMED CHOICE, and that is where Sanofi-Aventis and the F.D.A. are being deceptive.

After reading this website, please consider signing this petition to hold Sanofi-Aventis and F.D.A. criminally and civilly accountable for the paralyzed, dead, incarcerated, etc. victims of Ambien (Zolpidem): Ambien manufacturer (Sanofi-Aventis) & the F.D.A. should face CRIMINAL and civil charges concerning the distribution and promotion of Ambien/Zolpidem



There a woman named Lindsey Schweigert, who has created another organization/website named Ambien Outrage, and is trying to profit from it.  DO NOT GIVE HER A DIME!!!!!!!!!!    This is the original Ambien Outrage website, and we have never taken donations, and we never will.  This website is here to help people that have been victimized by Ambien.  What Lindsey is doing is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen!  I've always felt that her story was a little fishy.  She was welcomed by the media to be on the Dr. Oz Show, and also have her story put in numerous articles.  These same media outlets wouldn't even return my calls.  (Anyone who has ever tried to get onto a show or be put into an article knows how hard it is to even get their attention.)  Also, she runs a company called Social Media Security Consulting, take a look for yourself:  Link 1  and  Link 2.  Her Ambien organization/website doesn't really attack Ambien or Sanofi-Aventis, it mainly just asks for donations.  My guess is that she is a schill, hired by Sanofi-Aventis.  If that sounds crazy to you, then consider this, numerous corporations openly admit to hiring Public Relations Firms to do damage control, they also have internet trolls who present their company in a positive light.  Remember Lindsey's company is called Social Media Security Consulting.  For legal reasons, let me add that I have no proof that she has been hired by Sanofi-Aventis, although, after reading this, you can see what I mean by her story seeming a little fishy.  It seems to me that she has either tried to draw attention away from this website by hi-jacking the name on google searches, or she's just trying to profit from it, or both.  To sum things up, Lindsey Schweigert has nothing to do with Ambien Outrage, so don't give her a dime.  I contacted Lindsey, and told her to take down her website and quit taking donations in the name of Ambien Outrage, she acted extremely nervous and defensive, told me a sob story, etc., but ultimately she has declined to take down her website that asks for donations.  Here's a link to her website: Disgusting     


Josh Shortt appealed his Ambien case to the Virginia Supreme Court and was told that he would not be allowed a trial.  Learn more about his case: Josh Shortt Appeal

** Update on Josh Shortt:  I'm guessing he has been given some sort of a settlement.  He has taken down his website, and will not take any phone calls or e-mails regarding Ambien.  (It's possible that he has passed away, although, it's very unlikely considering his young age.)


Ambien Class Action Lawsuit: Lawsuit Website.  I personally do not know anything about this law firm, only that they are attempting to sue Sanofi-Aventis.


Please Read:  A new form of Ambien is now out, it is called Intermezzo Article.  It is Ambien at a lower dose.  Many people will assume that this is a safe medication to ingest because it is Ambien at a lower dose.  The main problem with Ambien at any dose, is that a synergistic effect takes place when anyone ingests two separate prescription medications simultaneously, i.e. Ambien and another prescription medication.  The combination of the two prescription medications multiply the effects of each other, so when a person ingests Intermezzo in combination with another medication, they will not receive the intended low dose, they will unknowingly get a higher dose then what they assumed they were taking because of the synergistic effect (i.e. the combination of the two medications taken simultaneously, which multiply the effects of one another.)  Intermezzo, like Ambien, should have a warning right on the prescription bottle itself pertaining to the synergistic effect.  However, if the makers of Intermezzo, or Sanofi-Aventis for that matter, were to ever give such a warning, their sales would dramatically decrease.  Don't be fooled by the makers, salesman, and distributors of Ambien and Intermezzo, they are sociopaths.


All of the links, i.e. articles and videos, on this website are public information.  Although, if you or a deceased relative of yours is named in any of the links on this website and you would like that link to be removed, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.